Why You Should Go RV Camping ASAP

So, why should you go RV camping ASAP?  Getting out and enjoying nature with your family before they grow up and leave is one great reason.  After all, that 8 and 6 years old still love and adore you, give it 10 years and they will fight to not go.  This is a time for family bonding! And, nothing says family bonding like the open road and tight quarters. These will be memories that will last a lifetime and are not super expensive to enjoy.  Renting and planning an RV trip is far less expensive than planning a vacation that requires flights. And, well, who really loves the airports anyway? Imagine their eyes when you roll up into the driveway with that rolling beast.  It is your home for a week and you can take it anywhere you wish. Kids love exploring and inside an RV is no different. And, they will surely be super excited to go.


There are plenty of campground options to choose from as well.  If you are looking for some simple downtime, find the campgrounds that are more remote.  Want to visit that National Park you’ve always dreamed of? Hit the road now while you still can.  After all, nobody is promised a tomorrow, so don’t put off living for today. An RV means there are no limits on where you can go.  


Take an Adventure

Renting an RV can be very adventurous.  From the road, there are so many small stops and towns that can really be enjoyed.  Having a schedule and a plan is probably important, as some roads the RV isn’t going to fit down and reservations can take a bit of stress off the parent.  But, relax, that’s the point of being at an RV park and enjoy time with your kids. Being in the present offers nothing better to them. And, it is super easy if you go to the RV parks that don’t have cell phone service and wifi, should you have issues being present.  However, most do have all these accommodations and so much more. Many campgrounds are set up for digital nomads as well as the occasional e-mail checker as well.


Find a campground that offers fishing spots or hiking trails.  Activities during the day to keep the kids occupied and in a learning environment.  Some even have pools, miniature golf and all kinds of fun things for kids to do. People at RV parks are typically friendly and usually, there are other kids around for your kids to play with.  This is great for their social development and helps them build character and life skills.


Camping is a Life Skill

Hooking up an RV is a skill, sure the rental place will show you and train you.  However, this is a great time for the kids to learn as well. Let them take part in the cooking and clean up that happens while on the road, this gives them confidence and shows them that you trust them.  Having important valuable family time is one of the best gifts we can all give our children. Renting an RV ASAP means you have the first component done, now all you need to do is plan the trip. Get out and enjoy the parks, beaches, wilderness and so much more in your newly rented RV.


Jim Sabellico

Jim Sabellico

Jim Sabellico is the founder of TakeMeCamping.org, and an avid outdoors fan who loves traveling the world with his family, cooking over an open campfire and all things outdoorsy. When Jim isn't camping, he's running his marketing agency J. Louis.

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