Why Hiking Is the Perfect Mind-Body Workout

Hiking Is the Perfect Mind-Body Workout

In today’s world, it is easy to get your mind cluttered with information.  Some of this information is useless, while some of it is important. By going hiking and clearing your mind of the useless clutter you are making headway for more room in the hard drive per se.  It is easy to do, getting overwhelmed with all the information you have flashing at you at all times. However, there is just something about getting back to nature and getting out for a nice long hike.  Getting away from screen time and getting back to the roots of nature is somehow really refreshing. Taking in some sun, while listening to the birds sing helps you remember what is important. You need this time to allow your mind to settle and even process something that you have been trying to understand or figure out.


Exercise not only helps our physical health, but it helps our mental health as well.  We all have stressors these days, however, the important thing is to keep them under control.  It isn’t healthy to carry around a bunch of unneeded stress, remember what is important to you and go for it.  Hiking allows you to take some time away and get back to thinking about what it is that is important to you. Taking time out of the crazy rat race and time for yourself is also important.  

Hiking a beautiful area can bring back that piece of you that you might have lost in the office.  It is a way to go back to nature and enjoy your surroundings that are not concrete and computer screens. Getting out and away from it all either together or alone is very important to our overall health.  Life is full of stress and getting away from them will help you clear your head.

Taking the time for hiking is important as well.  Our days are full of appointments, running errands and completing work tasks.  Sometimes you might need to schedule in your hiking expedition to ensure you have a nice chunk of time reserved for you and nature.  Invite a friend to come along and experience what nature has to offer together. This is a great time to catch up with a friend and get some exercise at the same time!

Plan your hike

If you have never been hiking, then you should probably take note of how long you plan to be.  Sometimes hikes do take a bit longer, so plan accordingly as well. If you are going on a trail, oftentimes at the trailhead they will give you an idea of how long the trail is.  You can then calculate how long it might take you. We do recommend dressing in layers and wearing comfortable shoes. Also, perhaps a small backpack with some essentials such as bug spray and sunblock would be a good idea.  And, well, we like to pack snacks and water too. You never know, you might find a nice place to sit and enjoy a bag of trail mix.

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