When Is The Right Age To Take Your Kids Hunting

You know your kids better than anyone else.  In most areas, there is not a set age but it is up to the parents.  If you are a hunting family, maybe start off by taking the kids out to hunt for the animal that you have already shot. This allows the kids to partake in the hunting adventures and gets them further prepared for hunting.

Remember, kids will be kids. It is most important that you go with patience and a whole lot of it.  Kids are not quiet and they don’t fully understand the entire process. So, taking them may mean you scare every last animal in that woods for a week.  Especially if they are younger.

The younger children are best to take hunting for things that don’t require so much science.  Hunting rabbits, for example, is a good start for younger children as their talking will scare the rabbits out of their holes.  As the children age, you can work your way into hunting turkey and deer.

Remember they are kids

One great technique for hunting deer is to put up a hunting tent that will cover up all the motion that kids will do.  Bring along a snack that doesn’t have a lot of scent or smell too it. This will keep them occupied if they get bored. And, a lawn chair to sit on.  Always dress them for being cold, in layers, so they can take them off but won’t get too cold. And, don’t forget your patience.

Before ever considering taking a child out hunting you need to instruct them on hunters’ safety.  They have classes for this, however, it is your responsibility as a hunter to ensure they understand how powerful that gun is.  What not to do and what should be done. Show by example but also in scenarios that they will understand. There are a lot of videos out there that stress this that you could use as well.

Take along a whole lot of patience

Most importantly let your child lead the way.  Don’t assume your child will want to kill an animal the first time they go hunting.  This is something that they need to express to you that they are ready and don’t force them or call them names for not wanting too.  This can harm them emotionally as shooting an animal can be more emotional for some people than others.

Remember, when starting a child out hunting, they should have an interest in it as well.  Some people are just not interested in hunting, similar to shopping, it is something that one either loves or hates.  If they want to try it, give them a great experience and go for an hour or so, ensure they have dressed appropriately and let them know you might not see anything.  That is kind of the thrill of it.

As you see other animals than what you are hunting, show them, so they can start to spot critters in their home environment. This is a learned trait that takes time but watching wildlife can be a whole lot of fun.

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