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Top Ice Fishing Gear for 2021

Ice fishing gear has really grown over the last several years.  Now it’s a bit more than tip-ups, ice fishing rods, and augers. Today’s gear includes the latest in technology that makes your time out on the ice much more fun and a whole lot easier. Gear up for this season by adding a few new items to your gear.

We have created a list of some of the top ice fishing gear items for 2021.

Frabill Magnum Bait Station

The first item on our list for the top ice fishing gear for 2021 is the Frabill Magnum Bait Station. This is an insulated live-bait cooler designed to keep minnows lively for at least 3 days. This is a 19-quart cooler that will easily hold all of your bait.  The cooler is overbuilt making it durable to handle the roughest rides on the back of a snowmobile or ATV.

It has a built-in aerator.  Powered by two D cell batteries or a 12-volt adapter.  It comes with a padded shoulder strap for your comfort.  It comes with a lift-out liner to keep your hands dry when retrieving bait.

Replacement parts are available for easy repairs.

Jiffy E6 Lightning, Model 56

Second on the list is the Jiffy E6 Lightning, Model 56. This is an electronic auger that features the longest-lasting battery available. This Auger was designed to drill 80 holes through 24 inches of ice with a 6 or 8” auger blade.

There is no motor to startup with. The battery provides full torque until it loses all its charge. It weighs just 22 pounds. Which makes it 10 pounds lighter than the comparable Jiffy gas-powered auger.  In extremely cold weather you will want to keep the battery warm. You can keep it in a lunch cooler with a couple of hand warmers.

Northland Tackle Glo-Shot Jig

Third on the list for top ice fishing gear is the Northland Tackle Glo-Shot Jig. You insert the small glow stick into the body of the jig.  This produces a colorful glow that lasts for up to 8 hours. This jig has a single hook design. It is ideal for dead-sticking minnows. Vertical jigging with a small minor or soft-plastic lure can also be successful.

This jig is lead-free. It comes in 12 different colors.  The sizes range from 1/8 – 3/8 ounce.  Each package includes three glo-shot sticks with a stick removal tool.

Ice Armor Rise

Fourth on the list of 2021 top ice fishing gear is the Ice Armor Rise.  The Ice Armor rise is a lighter version of the Ascent suit. This makes it ideal for early or late season fishing.  Motion Float Technology adds to the flotation without restricting arm or leg movement. For increased comfort, the bibs and parka are waterproof and breathable.

St. Croix Custom Ice

Fifth on the list for top ice fishing gear for 2021 is the St. Croix Custom Ice. This series features technique-specific rods used to catch just about any fish. These rods are built on a variety of blank configurations.

All of these items are sure to top your list for the top ice fishing gear for 2021.

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