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All the best tips and tricks we can find are put here together. Not only for camping, but also for hiking, fishing or hunting. Think about all the things you can do when you go camping. Most of these tips come from the ambassadors. And most of these products we bought ourselves. So we tested these tips and tricks as well.

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Best ways to refresh your survival skills in the Great Outdoors

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.“ Kofi Annan Without knowledge, there’s no chance of survival to an emergency situation. There is plenty of story of survivors who have literally nothing with them. No cutting tools, no medications, no food, sometimes not even proper clothes.   …

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How to Hammock Camp

When you went camping as a kid, you probably took some tents, maybe an RV or camper but you probably didn’t hammock camp.  Hammock camping is great for those that like to hike while camping. They are generally more lightweight and have components than a tent.  And, one would think going this minimalist would have …

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Tent Cleaning

How to Clean a Tent

Most of the time our tents don’t need cleaning. They are standing out there in the natural sunlight and breeze, which will clear them from any smells or odors they may have gotten during storage.  However, spills happen and dust storms can kick up a lot of mess for a tent. And, well there is …

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Jeep Roof Top Tent

Jeep Roof Top Tent

The Jeep Roof Tent or Rooftop tents (RTT) are becoming more and more common as people are taking to their camping.  These tents often are simple to set up and keep you off the ground, which helps with bugs and critters. They make rooftop tents for all kinds of makes and models, here we are …

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Dr Sasquatch Soap

Sasquatch Soap

It’s soap, men’s soap and it’s handmade, the Sasquatch Soap is the best men’s soap available on the market.  Men like to have their own soap in more of the rustic manly smells. And, that is the idea behind the Sasquatch Soap, not only that, but it’s a cute name.  But, when is this handmade …

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