Tent Camping Hacks For Absolute Beginners

Oh boy, so you have decided to go camping?  And, you know it will be fun because everyone talks about their camping adventures with smiles.  However, you have never done it before and it’s a little on the scary side? No worries, we can help.  Getting your tent set up isn’t as complicated as that pile of fabric and polls suggest. Most tents these days are pretty easy to set up and with a bit of common sense don’t take much.  


Choose where to put the tent wisely

Ensure that the ground is even but also pay attention to where the sun rises and sets.  This can make a big difference in the morning. If it’s a super sunny week and hot, you may want to find the shade as well and not have the heat bothering you first thing in the morning.  Check out the available trees and options you might have.


Setting up your Tent

Choosing a tent.  If you haven’t already gotten a tent, there are several things to consider.  If you are just tent camping and don’t plan on hiking the entire time then the weight isn’t as important to you.  However, if you are a hiker and now looking to hike overnight and stay in a tent, then you will want a lightweight tent.  And, how many people are going to share the tent, a family, just you, you and a friend? Getting a tent the right size is important as well.  And, ensure that it’s good for the weather conditions you are going to be camping in. Most tents are good for 3 seasons and these would probably be the best time to try tent camping for a new camper.

If you have never set up your tent before, this could be a bit daunting.  To avoid looking like a fool in front of a bunch of people you don’t know, why not first set it up in the backyard.  This will be a great way to get in a round of set up and tear down without an audience.

Check out the footprint of the tent.  As, with most tents, you’ll want to bring a tarp along to put on the ground.  This will be a good barrier between you and the ground. Also, it’s a good idea to know how big your tent is when you go to set it up in public.  


Waterproof your Tent

They have cans of sealant and you should do this once a season.  Since you have the tent set up in the backyard as your first run, it’s a good time to waterproof it.  Ensure you get the zipper seams as well as all seams to keep the water out in case of rain but also helps with dew.  


Storage of the Tent

It is important to store the tent when it is dry.  This means that if it’s pouring out or wet when you tear down, put the tent loosely in the trunk until you get home and lay it out to dry.  Don’t try to put a wet tent back in the tent bag, as it will be frustrating as well as ruin the tent with mildew.

Most important enjoy tent camping!


Jim Sabellico

Jim Sabellico

Jim Sabellico is the founder of TakeMeCamping.org, and an avid outdoors fan who loves traveling the world with his family, cooking over an open campfire and all things outdoorsy. When Jim isn't camping, he's running his marketing agency J. Louis.

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