Rv Camping Supplies

RV Camping Supplies You Shouldn’t Be Caught Without

Space is always a concern when you are RV camping. Regardless of whether you have a monstrous behemoth or a tiny RV, all RV-ers struggle with the question of what to take and what to leave behind. It can be very tempting for you to carry stuff that you most probably won’t have any use for just because you don’t know what to expect. But with the following list, RV campers will have a precise idea of what to pack for a safe, comfortable journey.

First Aid Kit

Safety comes first, especially when you are out in the wild. While some of you campers may just rub the dirt off on your wounds and stand up back again looking as if nothing happened, you can expect your friends and family members to behave the same way. Plus, you never know what malady awaits you in the wild, which is why it is extremely crucial to come prepared.

Here’s a great first aid kit you can buy over on Amazon.com for just a few bucks.

RV Kitchen Accessories

RV kitchen gadgets are very small. For anyone who wants the taste of home-cooked meals while camping, then packing the right cooking tools is a must.

Instant Pot is an all-in-one kitchen appliance: slow cooker, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, rice cooker, and much more. Since it is capable of multitasking, this tool is a must-have when camping in your RV. It will make your tiny space seem a tad bigger, which is always a plus.

Collapsible bowls are also a great option for RV camping since they save space and come in very handy.

Icy Cooler Portable AC

We are all familiar with those homemade air conditioners made from a fan and a cooler. But Icy Breeze takes the cooler game to the next level. The product cools both your RV or tent and your food! It comes with a built-in battery that is ideal for off-the-grid usage. Plus, it has a 4-foot adjustable air hose that allows you to direct the cool air exactly where you wish it.

Folding Table

You can buy a folding practically anywhere. What you will not find everywhere is a table at your campground. These tables are pretty lightweight and offer a range of purposes. You will most likely end up utilizing your folding table at almost every campsite, even if there is already a table present there. Not only are they excellent for eating meals, but also playing games, carrying out hobbies, and also help you pin down your outdoor rug to the ground.

High-Quality Dump Hose

If you have ever had a sewer hose rupture, burst, or otherwise burst while you were draining out your black water tank, then you very well realize the menace that comes along. To avoid such an incident next time, you should always carry a good-quality sewer hose that is firmly built, is collapsible, and reliable. Do not skimp here, and be prepared to spend some good cash.

With the RV camping supplies mentioned above by your side, you will hopefully have a safe and enjoyable time. Are you going for the first time? Then read our First time RV camping tips.

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