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When Is The Right Age To Take Your Children Hunting?

Hunting dates back to roughly two million years. The practice was once our only way of survival. As time went on, the hunting industry witnessed several advancements.

Nevertheless, can you allow a 5-year old to handle a rifle safely? Many of today’s parents who have a passion take their toddlers to hunting adventures. However, is the practice safe?

Well, it depends on quite a few factors. In reality, only you can tell if your young kid or growing teenager can aim and shoot a rifle. Even if you are holding a weapon and pointing out the animal yourself, hunting can have varying effects on the psychological and emotional development of your children.

Although, there are several good reasons to pass on your family tradition of hunting to the next generation, make sure your kid is sensible enough to understand the sport or hobby.

Seasoned hunters shape their children’s understanding of how animals survive in the wild. That’s why they view hunting as a natural activity. However, some argue whether young children should be introduced to weaponry, even if they don’t have any access to it.

What Is The Best Age?

When it comes to hunting, age is nothing but a number. Many hunters believe a sensible and respectful 5-year old boy or girl can safely be taught firearms and hunting. Others believe children should not be exposed to hunting until they reach the age of 14 or 15.

However, many authorities and institutions believe that you must teach children to stay away from firearms. Even if you do show them a gun or a rifle that you store in your home, you should hide all weapons.

You can see if your child is mentally ready and mature enough to comprehend the potential danger of hunting. Your child or teen must be able to follow your instructions for not hurting himself or the people around him.

How to Prepare Your Child for Hunting

Parents usually begin training by showing their child a hunting video. Choose a documentary or film that explains the dynamics of hunting. Your children should know that when you use a gun to shoot a deer, it leads to the death of the animal. Parents should also let their children decide whether they are comfortable with this concept or not.

Most children are already aware of how guns and rifles work, thanks to video games. But what they don’t know is that gun shots can cause death. This is why children who are brought up with guns are more familiar that guns are not toys but are accessories to kill.

Planning a Safe Adventure

When you are planning a hunting activity, parents should keep all the essential items in their gear. Apart from medication, food and drinks, you should keep a bug spray and extra clothes. Keep a few of your child’s favorite toys just in case he/she wants something to hold on to for assurance.

Final Thoughts

The best places to start are federal and state campgrounds. Thus, your toddlers are exposed to the outside world without facing any danger.

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