Is The Yeti Loadout Cooler Really Worth $40? We Find Out

Yeti is known for it’s branding.  It took simple things and over-engineered them into amazing machines.  Yeti is known for it’s superior engineered performance on some of the simplest products such as coolers and cups.  It is known to bring the extraordinary to the ordinary offering even over-engineered bottle openers. So, why would it be any surprise that they would come out with their own well designed, simple yet works bucket?

The current 5 gallon has been cheapened overtime to and reduced wall thickness and durability is gone.  If you are looking for a bucket that you can stand out and trust, this is the bucket for you. This is something that many contractors do day in and day out, why not have one that can hold your weight and not worry?  They are also incredibly useful on the decks of fishing boats. As the basic 5 gallon buckets have those flimsy wire handles with maybe a plastic ring for your hands. They still cut, and cut deep under the weight of fishing nets.  But, not the Loudout Cooler, it’s there and ready to be put to good use.


Loadout Cooler for Use not Looks

Sure, there are a lot of less costly buckets out there.  But, if you are a hard worker and looking for a bucket you can count on.  The loadout is made for you. It’s not the best option for a person that may use a bucket once in a while and not for anything heavy.  This is made to be a performance bucket. It has options such as tool belts, lids, caddy that can organize you. This is not just a bucket, it can be a toolbox, fishing lure holder and more.

The lid is sold separately, but the lid is salt waterproof, which is a bonus for those fishing vessels as the handles are always rusting on the regular buckets.  It is transparent and easy to remove and has a durable construction. It resists cracking for up to 300 lbs and will work in extreme temperatures. We bet your average everyday bucket is not going to resist cracking in extreme temperatures and pressure.  This lid will make you question your before thoughts on lid engineering.


Yeti Loadout is for the Working men and women

This is for the people that need a bucket to be ready and willing to take the abuse of the working individual.  If you have hard to work to and heavy loads to carry, this is your bucket. If your looking for a handle that you can carry with easy and a lid that you can sit on, this is your bucket.  And, if you are tired of your current bucket toolbox always cracking and falling apart we recommend getting the caddy and gear belt to up this bucket uses. You may have not purchased a 5 gallon bucket for this price, but you certainly would spend this on a toolbox that is not waterproof, can act as a step stool, is easy to carry and holds everything you’re going to need for the next job site.  In one small bucket.

If the Loadout Yettti worth it?  We say heck yeah!


Jim Sabellico

Jim Sabellico

Jim Sabellico is the founder of, and an avid outdoors fan who loves traveling the world with his family, cooking over an open campfire and all things outdoorsy. When Jim isn't camping, he's running his marketing agency J. Louis.

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