How Fishing Makes You A Better Person (According To Science)

Fishing Makes You A Better Person

Fishing is a sport that doesn’t take a lot of money to get started.  It is something that every age can enjoy as well as any economical level.  Sure, it can get rather expensive if you plan to go after the ocean critters in a boat or in the Great Lakes, but you don’t have to go to those places to catch amazing and did we mention yummy fish.  Fishing is great for the overall health of a person. And, well fish are as well. They are a good source of protein and provide the body with fish oil that is great for the heart.

Fishing can help with your physical fitness as well.  Well, if you are not on the back of a large boat reeling in the huge ones, you might not get a lot of exercise from fishing.  But, if you are seeking out some amazing fishing holes, you will get it in the getting to the fishing spot. Fishing large fish can be a workout within itself.  However, if you are just fishing for smaller fish you won’t get much of a work out reeling them in. But, you will by paddling, walking or hiking and just well, getting to the swimming hole will bring exercise.

Fishing can help with PTSD

PTSD is prevalent these days.  We are understanding more and more about mental health and how the brain processes trauma.  It is something that can be horrible to live with. And, it is affecting not just the person with PTSD but those around them.  There have been studies that prove fishing helps reduce PTSD, along with other mental illnesses that surround it. Getting out into nature has been proven to help with mood, concentration, anxiety and even depression.  If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, try grabbing a pole and go fishing for a bit.

Some of the mental benefits of fishing are that we get to unplug.  Unplugging from all of our devices and really concentrating on the task at hand, catching a fish, can bring a mental peace over us.  This will help with all kinds of things from our physical health to our mental health. This sort of cut back on screen time is something that cannot be replicated.  You need to just find the time to get out there. There is no need for a boat, you can fish from a dock! There are all kinds of fun places to fish from small rivers to large lakes and everything in between.  

Fishing Makes You A Better Person

If you are interested in getting out and exploring, what are you waiting for?  Fishing can certainly be a fun adventure. However, you need to take the time to do it.   If you have never been fishing, you might want to start by watching some simple videos that will show you how to fish, what you will need and what to expect.  You can start with simple things such as a pole and some bait. But, there are a whole plethora of options to choose from for your fishing adventures.



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