Five Fun Games To Play Around A Campfire

Sitting around a campfire with family and friends makes for great memories.  And great stories. Campfires usually mean relaxing in camp chairs. Roasting marshmallows.  Stargazing in the night sky. And often storytelling and games.

We have a list with a few campfire games to get you started.

Sound Train

The campfire game starts with players agreeing on a sound.  Example – “s” or “st”. Then you take turns saying a new word that begins with that sound.  Players who cannot come up with a word are out. Keep going until you are down to one last person.  That person becomes the winner and gets to choose the sound for the next round. This game will get you laughing.  Players will create funny words as they start to struggle. If you want to add a bit more fun – step up the challenge by adding in a time element.

I went Camping

This is a fun game based on ‘going camping’.  The first player starts by saying “I went camping and brought a _______”.  The next person in line continues with I went camping and I brought a ‘first person’s item’ then add an item”.   Example – I went camping and I brought a sleeping bag and a flashlight. Every player continues to add items. Any player that makes a mistake sits out for the rest of the round.  You can make the game harder by choosing a specific letter the item needs to begin with. For example, all items must begin with a ‘C’.

Once Upon a Time

Create a story together.  First, you choose a player to start.  They start to create a story by coming up with the first few lines.  Each player adds to the story by adding their own lines to continue the story.  If you want to add a bit more challenge. Have the players clap or pat their knees as the next players think up their part of the story.  That player must start his story as soon as the clapping or patting stops.


This campfire game is sure to provide a lot of laughs.  The game starts with the first person whispering a message to the person next to them.  The message is then passed to the next person around the campfire. When it gets to the last person, they tell the group what they heard.  The message will change as it gets passed along. Creating lots of laughs from all.

20 Questions

This game starts with one person being “it”.  Each round “it” picks a person, place or thing.  Then each player then asks the person “it” a yes or no question to figure out what it is.  Players can only ask a total of 20 questions. If a player guesses the item, they win and become ‘it’ the next round.  If no one guesses correctly ‘it’ tells all players what the item is and a new round begins.  

Create Your Own Campfire Games

Create even more fun by making any of these campfire games ‘your family games’.  Put a little personal spin on them. Either way, you will have fun and create memories for years to come.

Jim Sabellico

Jim Sabellico

Jim Sabellico is the founder of, and an avid outdoors fan who loves traveling the world with his family, cooking over an open campfire and all things outdoorsy. When Jim isn't camping, he's running his marketing agency J. Louis.

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