Do’s And Don’ts In The Campground

Camping can be a lot of fun.  Especially if everyone follows the rules and is respectful to their fellow campers.  Remember, you are not the only people on the planet. Some basic rules that go without saying are pick up after yourself, show some respect, and being kind is free.  But, to have an enjoyable time while camping, there are some other do’s and don’t that you should follow.

If you are taking along your pet, do check the rules of the campground. Most campgrounds that are the state and privately owned do often allow pets.  However, National parks do not allow pets, they do allow service animals. When traveling with a pet, do pick up after them, bring plenty of food, a water bowl, and various leashes and tie-outs.  If you have a pet that barks at everything, you may want to consider leaving them home. Remember, respect your fellow campers.

Arrive before nightfall

Do arrive before nightfall.  This will allow you to set up better and not make a ruckus in the late hours.  Trying to set up camp in the complete dark is not any fun for anyone. It is safer as well. You can see where that ant hill that you should not put your tent over.

Do check the reviews of the campground and ask when you set the date.  Some campgrounds have a family section and a more party-like section. Be sure to get into the section that fits you and your travel buddies.  The reviews will tell you things that are around the campground as well.

Do check out the area around the campground for fun day adventures.  Many times there are small fun things tucked away, just waiting to be found.  Maybe there is an old mill or lighthouse to see.

Pack with a list

Don’t randomly start packing without a list.  A list is a great way to write down everything packed to go over what you have and what is needed.  This will help ensure that you have all the essential camping things. If you camp often, it may be wise to make up a spreadsheet to reuse.  This ensures that everyone has a safe bed, hiking gear, and a place to sleep. It is easy to forget important things in all the excitement of getting ready to go.

Do plan meals. You don’t need to go all crazy with this, but planning meals will help you pack more successfully.  Remember that you will want a variety. Try to plan meals that use similar ingredients such as eggs and hamburgers. Eggs can be fried one day, scrambled another, and used to make an omelet.

Hamburger can be patties, taco meat, or made into spaghetti sauce. And, take what pans and things you will need to make your meals as well as oils and seasonings. Sometimes, it is easier to make something at home and warm them in an iron skillet.  This way you are not hauling all the seasonings but still are enjoying a hot meal.

Top Do’s And Don’ts For Your Next Camping Adventure

More people these days are leaving the cocktail parties behind and escaping into the woods and enjoying their campfires instead. Is it all of those never-ending Instagram feeds of weekend warriors in search of adventure? Or maybe it is Bear Grylls’ communing with nature that has tempted an increasing number of people to want to return to their ancient roots. Or perhaps in an ever-increasing high tech world it is one of the rare times that we can really tune out?

Whatever the reason might be, here in America we are fortunate to have thousands of incredible campsites all across the country: lakes, mountains, islands, caves, rivers – whatever you want, there is a tent site somewhere that has your name on it. We have compiled a list of 6 important do’s and don’ts to use when you are planning your next camping trip to ensure it is a complete success:

Think Outside Of The Box

Always keep in mind that camping doesn’t just have to consist of driving to a familiar location and setting up your temporary living quarters among crowds of other weekend warriors. Instead, think about discovering your own sweet piece of paradise for a couple of nights. When you are planning your camping trip try to inject some extra adventure into it by searching for a campsite that is more remote.

Try to figure out how to access the site in a different way. Can you hike there? Can you get there by riding a mountain bike? Can you paddle along on a nearby river? With just a bit of research, you should have no problem combining camping with a mini adventure to create one of the most memorable experiences of your entire life.

Bring The Right Tools

What you will be filling your backpack up with will depend of course on where you are headed and how you have determined to get there. Using a dose of internet research and common sense will get you far – trying to take a gigantic ghetto-blaster on a trip requiring a 20 km trek into camp is something you will most likely end up regretting (trust me, I tried it already!).

Temperature is huge. Shivering all night is definitely not fun. Make sure to pack a good head-torch no matter where you are doing and never underestimate the benefits that a water filter can provide you with when you are out in the wilderness.

Go Gourmet

When it comes to the food you eat, you don’t have to sacrifice on how it tastes just because you are out in the middle of the wilderness. You definitely want to celebrate your successful quest of making it to your new home.

One thing that is always a big hit is pre-marinated meat. Have everyone in your troop share on the ingredients and plan ahead so you don’t end up with extras. Spending time under the stars with family and friends while dining like noblemen from a bygone era is always a major highlight of a weekend mini-adventure.

Respect Nature

There is nothing more irritating than to see rubbish scattered all over a campsite. That shows no respect for the environment whatsoever. Don’t be one of those people. Leave your campsite the way that you found it and make sure to take all of your rubbish with you when you leave (pack one or two plastic bags).

Also, don’t do your business close to a water supply, and make sure to dig a hole before assuming the position. If we all regard nature like our mother and make a concerted effort, the world can be a happy place to live in for many generations into the future.


Always keep in mind that going into the bush is full of inherent dangers. So it is absolutely essential to take the necessary precautions. Make sure to do your homework so that you can prepare for whatever conditions you might encounter.

Let someone know where you are headed in case a disaster should hit, pack plenty of water, a compass, and a good map, and don’t leave fires unattended -especially at this time of the year. You should also always take a first aid kit with you.

Respect Your Fellow Campers

This is something else that really bothers me at times. If there are other adventures in the area, respect them. Say hello and share your trail notes, stories, firewood, and food with them. If they are wanting to have an early night, don’t act like a jerk.

Share your whiskey to help them have a sound sleep! Otherwise, keep it quiet. Of course, if you simply show your respect for them in the first place, this won’t be a problem! Do you want 10 camping etiquettes tips? Read all about it in our blog.

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