The Ten Essentials of Backpacking

Essentials of Backpacking

Backpacking has become an amazing past time.  It is a way to get out, away from our screens and get back to nature.  Backpacking and

The Many Benefits of Hiking

benefits of hiking

Hiking is a form of exercise and with any form of exercise, you get health benefits.  While you love to hike and don’t think of

Ice and Snow Protection

Ice and Snow Protection

While some people think that camping is only for the spring, summer, and fall, we think otherwise.  There is plenty of fun adventures to be

Crampon Care

Crampon Care

Each climb can mean a beating for your Crampons.  However, there are ways to ensure they stay in great working order.  Here are some tips

How to Choose and Use Sunscreen

How to Choose and Use Sunscreen

How to Choose and Use Sunscreen We hear all over that you need to keep sunscreen on. But, how do you choose the right sunscreen

Tips for Hiking with Kids

Kids are so much fun. Their little minds going 100 miles and hour and processing all the things around us that we typically would ignore.

Basic Hiking Skills Anyone Can Master

Hiking is really just walking on rough terrain, right?    Well, not exactly, there are unspoken rules with hiking in the outdoors.  Things like not being

The Top 10 Must-Have Camping Items

Camping is an exciting endeavor that calls for many considerations. When you are knee deep in your camping gear, it becomes easy to forget some

15 Tips for Hiking with Kids

Hiking with Kids Hiking can be a lot of fun.   And, kids can be a lot of work, however, they can bring you back to