Camping Ambassadors

Our goal is and has always been to serve as a motivating force to encourage more people to get outside and go camping, and so in support of our mission we’ve partnered with a few select people who truly embody the spirit of adventure and share that same mission.

Tiffany Smooth


Tiffany is a rock climber, trail runner, and avid outdoor enthusiast who truly embodies the spirit of adventure and getting outside to experience nature. Travelling the world on trail at a time, Tiffany truly inspires others with her awesome and never ending sense of adventure, or as she would put it ‘Just a crazy girl with big dreams that does ridiculous things’.


Michael Domanski


Michael stumbled into traveling and photography while abroad for semester in Prague and has never looked back.  After spending a year as an au pair in Germany, he has found his calling in experiencing and photographing the beauty of the outdoor world.