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The Best Camping Gear For 2021

Camping gear is doing nothing but reinventing itself and becoming better and better. 2021 gear is no different. Sure, some of these may be on previous years lists, however, they are worth a second mention for the great year of 2021. If you are an avid hiker, camper, fisherman, or hunter, these outdoor trendy items might be just up your alley. And, if you are not, they may make you reconsider that.

Camping gear has come a long way from a tent with missing stakes and campfires. However, if you prefer that method, it’s still around as well. And, things are getting more affordable as the designs become easy to make and more places offering them. So, let’s get started on some super amazing 2021 Camping gear options.

The Outwell Tent

This year Outwell tents have become more affordable. These amazing tents boast panorama opening this allows for some amazing views and the feel of spaciousness. Its full front door has 4 zippers and can open the tent up to become one with nature. The tent comes with its own groundsheet, so there is no need for packing separate tarps. making it perfect for backpacking. The huge ambassador mater bedrooms offer standing room to get dressed and bedrooms have main cable entry points to allow for charging devices of the modern-day camper.

Coleman Even Temp

Coleman is always evolving and has great products. The Coleman Even Temp camping stove comes with 3 burners which allow for 3 8″ pots or pans or 2 12″. These stoves are an improvement in the design of yesteryears. And, of course, come with that same Coleman green look and feel.

Outwell Day Shelter

This amazing shelter comes in 3 sizes, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. The medium is 10 foot x 10 foot making it not so shabby while the XL is almost 15 ft x 15 ft. These are not only great for camping but amazing for a day at the beach or park. They offer great shelter and can come in handy throughout the year for various events as well. There are optional side panels and they are built on a steel frame, so probably not the best for the backpackers.

JetBoil Java Kit

This is a great french press that comes with some bells and whistles. It comes with its own burner that it clips to, which will prevent spills while heating. At just under 1 lb, it is perfect for all campers. Become your own barista today with the Jetboil Jave kit.

Outwell Tent Organizer

When camping with the family the Outwell tent organizer is a key holder of the bits that every family member uses. It is great to hold the bug spray, sunblock, keys, and more. This holder will clip the tent frame and offers 9 storage pouches and 5 hooks. A perfect way to keep everything in one spot and easy to find.

Gold Zero Nomade 7 Plus

This handy little device allows you to bring along those electronic gadgets for the modern-day world. Or, light up the campsite without the use of propane using solar panels instead. You used to have to haul heavy batteries or a bit of a generator. And, it weighs less than a pound.

Biolite Camp Stove

This is a great way to cook over a contained flame and charge your devices at the same time. This handy little device turns the burning firewood into usable energy. Getting two things done at the same time. It can be used in most places where there are fire bans, as it is completely contained and burns small sticks and turns them into electricity.

Top this stove off with an amazing grill feature. This grill can hold up to 6 hot dogs on it’s 55″ sq. of cooking space. This amazing grill attachment has its own legs for support. And, this attachment only weighs 1.9 lbs which makes it great for camping and hiking as well.

EcoZoom Versa Rocket Survival Store

This is a great wood-burning or Charcoal Camp stove. It’s completely self-contained so it can be used in areas where there are fire regulations. The stovetop fits perfectly for cast iron or stainless steel camping pans. And, you don’t have to haul the fuel, which is perfect. This stove is 17 lbs so more for the campers and not the hikers in the group.

Casus Grill

This is an all-natural disposable grill with a bamboo grill rack. The lava stone cardboard base allows it to hold the heat and cook for about 1 hour. When completely done you can throw it in the bonfire and it’ll leave nothing behind. Its simple design is ready in 5 mins. And, just weighing over 2 lbs it is perfect for hiking or camping.

Vessi Footwear

This is a revolutionary footwear that is perfect for hiking or camping. They allow your feet to breathe and are completely waterproof. They are light and amazing to wear as well. And, they allow your foot to adapt to the terrain beneath it.

Biolite Firepit

Biolite firepit is super efficient with its patented airflow technology. Enjoy charging your batteries, literally, with this hibachi-style grill that is complete with a grill rack. And, like all the Biolite products it turns the heat into power for your devices, lights, and more. The most amazing feature of this firepit is the lack of smoke.

Treepod hanging treehouse

Dare to be different. Treepod tents are tents that hang from a tree or frame. They have an entire line of portable tent treehouses. What fun that can bring for the beach, home, or the woods. Keep yourself up and off the ground with a Treepod. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. And, would be a fun gift as well.


A Trono is a chair that is simple, easy to inflate, and lightweight. It holds up to 330lbs and inflates in 3 seconds. It works in the cold as well as the warmer climates. The fabric is the same that is used in parachutes and weights 1.7 lbs. So, it’s perfect for camping and hiking alike.

Rhinowolf Modular Tent

The Rhinowolf modular tent is a one-person tent that can connect to more of the same. Each tent comes with a built-in air mattress and sleeping bag. It’s pretty simple to set up, unpack, unroll and thread that one pole through the lops. They offer blankets with various ratings. If you like to camp with lots of friends this could be a fun way to do it.


This has been out for a couple of years, but it’s still worth mentioning. The Morphcooker is the first solar electric camping stove. This is the perfect solution in times when there are fire restrictions and you need to cook. There is actually no flames at all with the Morphcooker. It can be transformed into various styles of pots and pans. From a Hot Plate, fry pan, grill press, pot, or oven depending on the model. It can be charged at home, with your Biolite burner, or directly from your car or camper. It weighs 16 oz to 26 oz so it’s perfect for the hiker as well as the camping enthusiast.

Trailkeg Pressurized Growlers

The Trailkeg will keep your carbonated beverages cold for 24 hours. And, will stay carbonated for weeks. This is a great way to take along your favorite brews on the trail. Of course, it would be better for the campers and less for the hikers, as hauling around a gallon of brew would probably get quite heavy after a bit.

The Nano dry Shower Towel

This pocket-sized towel is amazing for camping or hiking as it is the size of a regular towel but takes up very little room. It is super absorbent and can soak up 2.3 times its weight in water. But folds down to fit in a small silicon carrier that can hang from your backpack. It is .16 lbs in weight so it’s nothing to carry. And, it has a gold antibacterial nanoparticle coating which helps kill those microbes.


This is similar to the Trono but different. This is a great air mattress and not just a chair. Inflates in seconds and is super lightweight. It is both water and heat resistant and comes with 2 pillows, a mattress, and a carrying pack. Its fabric is that of stops ripping and tearing and is constructed of 2 layers.


This has been on some of our other lists, but we still think this is always worth mention. This straw filters out the water and allows you to drink from the rivers and streams around you. There are various designs and styles of the Lifestraw, however, one thing is for sure, it will help with all that water when you are trying to hike. Water is vital when hiking, however, it’s also super heavy to carry, especially if you are going over a few days. Get a Lifestraw and never worry about finding great clean drinking water.

Mesa portable light

This is a great lamp for the campsite. It folds up and weighs only .9 lbs. On one charge it can run 12-50 hours depending on the brightness. It has 40 LEDs so if you get to the campsite late, this little miracle will light the way. It is always great for ready and food prep. It is watertight and dust resistant and is strong.

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