Hello, my name is Patrick, and I have been camping and going outdoors for over 15 years! My first experience was when I joint the scouts. There I learned a lot. From building a campfire to set up a really big tent.

Then I know this is awesome. Many years I have been with the scouts and later I bought my own tent and went camping every year.

Around 2005 I also started Geocaching. This is a lot of fun. And every time we go camping we look at the map to see if there are some nice caches around.

With all my trips and hikes I noticed that there is a lot of gear to buy and you can have much comfort in your tent (or RV). That’s when I realized there are a lot of people with the same questions as me. So I want to share my learnings and tips with you on this site.



My mission is that I want to encourage people to go camping

This may sound overly simple but there’s a pretty good reason why I keep our mission this direct. I strongly believe that a lot of great things occur when people go camping, and most of it is backed up by actual research.


The University of Rochester conducted a study that tracked the energy, vitality, and happiness of 500 participants who spent at least 20 minutes outside in nature.

The students who spent the most time outdoors reported a direct correlation to an increase in vitality, and those who spent the most time in nature reported the highest results.


All the articles you will discover on this site have been arranged and edited by me to guarantee I can fulfill the best guidelines. I will sometimes get the help of freelance outdoor writers to help me write articles. However, nothing is put online without a GO from me. This is to guarantee all information we distribute is precise so you can trust it to be a happier camper and buy choices.

Where possible we will try to get our hands on the things referenced in this blog to get genuine experience with these tools. This is unfortunately not always possible so we also depend on broad online criticism from genuine clients of these things.

I additionally invest a ton of energy in my nearby stores and chat with their staff to become acquainted with all the things that come out and which ones might be interested that we put in this blog.

All things considered, I need this site to be a spot you can trust. We are not influenced by brand sponsorship so you can use our articles to make the best choices for yourself for your next trip.


If your a just a camp addict like me, love nature and also want to improve your camping experience and take care of your environment? Read on:

– You get to spend quality time with friends and family without getting interrupted by technology.
– You find beauty in nature you are surrounded by.
– You learn important life lessons and self-reliance.
– You get to see some pretty amazing places.
– You create memories that will last a lifetime.
I could go on and on about how camping is flat out the best, but I think you get the idea.
Ultimately I want to encourage people to go camping because I further believe that after you go camping, you’ll be more inclined to protect the wilderness you’ve now come to love, and you’ll also want to spend more time with the family and friends you made those great memories with.
I think we can all agree that saving our planet’s wilderness and fostering positive relationships is something we can all get behind.