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10 Insane Discounts On Camping Gear You Can’t Miss

Camping, Tips & Tricks May 22, 2017 No Comments By may at times be given products for review, and may also at times be compensated for those reviews, however, all views expressed on this site are our own honest opinions. We take your camping experience very seriously and vow to always provide you nothing but transparent reviews to help make your camping experience a pleasureable one.

Let’s face facts here – some of the nicer things we enjoy when we go camping can be expensive, so finding good products at a good value is something that pretty much every camper is always on the look for.

We rounded up the top 10 best values in camping gear for you, so if you’re looking for anything to pick up for your next trip, jump on these deals while they last!

Etekcity 4 Pack Outdoor LED Lanterns ( 69% off)

These outdoor lanterns are a steal and an absolutely recommended purchase whether you need them or not.  Even if you already have a lantern you take with you camping, pick up these ones regardless and keep one in the shed, one in the trunk of your car, etc – for this price you really can’t go wrong, especially considering they include batteries!

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E-Trends LED Hanging Lights (33% off)

These hanging lights are super useful for hanging up underneath your tarp, inside your text, off a tree limb near your campground, or just about anywhere else.  Much smaller than the lanterns but still very bright, these little battery powered led bulbs are another must have, especially for this price.

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Solar Powered Phone Charger and Light (68% off)

If there’s one thing that’s going to be hard to find when you’re camping, it’s going to be electric, so if you need to keep a phone charged for any reason, you’re going to either need to plug it into your car and leave it running, or pick up one of these solar powered chargers.  We’ve been using them on all of our trips for about a year now and can’t imagine life without them anymore!  This is a MUST BUY!

See It On Amazon

Intex Inflatable Camping Mattress (56% off)

No one likes sleeping on hard surfaces, and there really is no reason to have to suffer through that anymore since camping air mattresses became more popular.  even if you have a very comfortable sleeping bag, putting one of these mattresses under it will make it that much more comfortable and also help to isolate you from the cold hard floor.

See It On Amazon

Etekcity Portable Outdoor Camping Stove (63% off)

This little stove is something we picked up about a year ago and it has come with us on every trip we’ve ever taken.  It’s tiny, super portable and really efficient, so if you do any cooking at all, or even just need to boil water for a pot of coffee, this stove is a must buy, especially at the current discount.

See It On Amazon

10 Piece Cookset (71% off)

If you do any cooking at all while you’re camping, do yourself a favor and pick up this little 10 piece cook set.  It’s very portable, all of the components fit into each other so it packs away very nicely, and the pots and pans are very durable so they’ll stand up to a good amount of abuse.  At the current discount, these may easily be the best money you’ve ever spent on camping gear.

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Hiking Backpack (43% off) 

This durable travel backpack is currently at a 43% discount which is a huge discount, especially given the quality you’re going to find here.  We picked up a couple of these at full price last year and have been abusing them since then, so grab it for the discount while it lasts.

See It On Amazon

4 Mode LED Headlamp (73% off) 

This little LED battery powered 4 mode headlamp is an indispensable asset to you while you’re camping to help you see easier while cooking or cleaning or just moving about your campsite at night.

See It On Amazon 

5 in 1 Folding Shovel (71% off) 

If you’ll be going tent camping, grab one of these little shovels to keep with you.  It’s small and easily portable and can be a true lifesaver if you find yourself stuck in the woods.  For the discount, grab a second one and keep it in your truck just in case! 

See It On Amazon 

ALPRANG Ultralite Folding Camping Chair (53% off) 

One thing you’ll most likely be doing when camping is sitting around a campfire, so having a comfortable chair that’s also portable and sturdy is an absolute must.  These ALPRANG chairs have always been a favorite of ours, and at the current discount make them a no brainer.  Pick up a couple extra for friends or family who might need one. 

See It On Amazon 

Jim Sabellico
Jim Sabellico
Jim Sabellico is the founder of, and an avid outdoors fan who loves traveling the world with his family, cooking over an open campfire and all things outdoorsy. When Jim isn't camping, he's running his marketing agency J. Louis.

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