Apart from food and water; a key item that you need to create the perfect ambiance inside and outside your tent is a light source. We all know how dark and secluded woods can get intimidating while camping.

Here are 10 creative outdoor camping lights ideas to illuminate your camping experience.

LED Strip Lighting

This is a creative way to add some light to your camping trip. LED strip lighting options comprise of LEDs in a row that are mounted inside a waterproof film. Thanks to their affordability and brightness, they are hugely popular among modern campers. Look here at all the different possibilities of outdoor LED strip lights.

Battery Operated Christmas Lights

You can use a string of battery-powered Christmas lights and add them to a glass mason jar. This creates a warm and welcoming glow to light up your tent. Campers are also fond of battery operated LED Christmas lights to decorate the inside and outside of a camp.

Candle Lantern

This option is largely used by backpackers. You can hang a candle lantern from the loop at the top of your tent to offer enough light for reading and dressing. It is also a safe and easy way to keep your tent warm on a chilly evening.

Light Rope

These string lights are specially designed ropes that can be draped or wrapped around almost anything. Campers frequently use this creative lighting option over tent ceilings or around small tables. Just plug the rope into a USB power source and enjoy a pleasant light source to light up your camping trip.

Solar and Wind-up Lights

Changing batteries can be a pain when you are camping or trekking. This is why there is a wide range of lighting products that work on solar and wind power. While you can benefit from solar lights during the daytime, the wind-up ones can be great alternatives at night.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are another must-have accessory for today’s camping adventures. These are portable and fairly easy to use. You can also use these to mark off poisonous bushes or trees to keep your children safe. There are many different glow sticks. We recommene to get these 30 Pack Ultra Bright Glow Sticks. They are cheap and always come in handy.


This is one of the most common tools to light up your tent. These are helpful for reading or focusing on an object since they offer a steady beam of light.  You can put your flashlight on the ground in the middle of your tent and aim it at the top to help illuminate the entire tent. And of course, you can use it as an emergency light.


If you are not up for campfires and flashlights; battery-operated lanterns are the best lighting choices to ease your trip. A few LED camping lanterns are capable of running for as long as 40 hours and sometimes have 200-hour battery life. This 200-hour battery life lamp is from Tough Light and is even IPX-6 water resistance. Buy it now on Amazon.


The good old headlamp never disappoints when you need to do simple tasks using both your hands. Headlamps are great for lighting a match in the dark or chopping wood in low lighting conditions.

12V Compatible Lighting

Campers who have a 4WD or vehicle set up with decent 12V power can benefit from endless lighting options. It doesn’t matter if you have strip lighting or compact lights; a stable connection to a 12V power gives you countless lighting options.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the many creative options to add safe and affordable light sources to your camping ventures. You can also go for colored LED lights that are easily available in all shapes and sizes if you’re feeling particularly festive. Which Campsite Lighting Ideas do you have? Please let us know in the comments below. Thanks!